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New Member Benefit: Decisis Legal Research

Decisis shares the same parent company as LexisNexis® and offers an expansive library which includes both state and federal cases, statutes, court rules and more.

While the typical annual fee for Decisis is more than $1500 annually, NCAJ is proud to offer complimentary access to Decisis as an exclusive member benefit!

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Why I’m an NCAJ Member

I have been an NCATL/NCAJ member since receiving an Outstanding Advocacy award during law school from the NCATL.  For me, NCAJ was a fantastic resource for legal education and networking with other lawyers.  As I have grown in my practice, I have also grown to understand the rich history of this organization and the positive contributions that it has made and continues to make to the legal community in North Carolina.

– Andy Banzhoff, President-elect

I joined NCAJ a decade ago because I was told it was a great resource for like-minded attorneys. But I soon learned that NCAJ is so much more. NCAJ is an incredible community of attorneys who support each other, help educate each other and through this we make a better life for our collective clients. In short, I am a much better attorney because of my involvement with NCAJ.

– David Sherlin

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