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Learn More About the 2022 NCAJ PAC Endorsements

The NCAJ PAC TrusteesĀ represent a diverse group of NCAJ members in gender, race, age, practice location, practice area, section membership, and political affiliation. In July, the NCAJ PAC Trustees met to consider endorsements in statewide judicial races on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

Following a rigorous and in-depth analysis of the candidates which is detailed below, the NCAJ PAC believes these candidates merit support in the upcoming election, and will be making further efforts to promote the endorsements and empower NCAJ members to communicate with clients, friends and family in support of these endorsements.

2022 NCAJ PAC Judicial Endorsements

NCAJ members may choose to give to the NCAJ PAC to support candidates running for legislative or statewide judicial office.

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