Membership Frequently Asked Questions



How do I upgrade my membership level? +

NCAJ offers the following upgraded member levels to help support our mission:

  • Patron $950
  • Sustaining Patron $1,300
  • Benefactor $1,900
  • President’s Club $3,500

2024 Discount: Become a Sustainer for half-off now through March. 

Click here to complete a short form to update your membership level.

How do I renew my membership? +

During the renewal season (April 1st – June 30th), if you wish to renew your membership online then please visit myNCAJ and login to find a personalized URL titled Renew your membership now which is the 5th box in the series under your name. Click on the URL, read the information, and follow the prompts to renew online. If you wish to renew by mail, a renewal notice will be delivered to your mailing address beginning in April. Be sure this information is up to date.

When do I need to renew my membership? +

Our membership cycle runs from July 1 through June 30 each year. You should begin receiving renewal information in May. You can also visit our renewal page here.

Sections & Listservs

Why are my listservs not working? +

Verify your email address is correct in your member profile at MyNCAJ. If the email address is not consistent with your member profile you will not receive communications.

Did you renew/join the section you are trying to access? Visit your member profile at MyNCAJ to see a list of your approved listservs.

Check your spam filters to ensure the domain is whitelisted in your email security settings.

If you need additional assistance with this, you may contact NCAJ.

Why should I certify my email address? +

Certifying your email address allows you full access to the listserv you have been approved to join. You can still participate via email, but you will not have access to the Listserv tools and archives on the website, which would otherwise be available to you if your email address is certified.

How to I join a Section, Division or Caucus? +

To join a NCAJ Section, Division, or Caucus click here. There is no fee to join a Division, Caucus or Committee if you are an NCAJ member. There is a $95 fee for joining a Section.

How do I join a listserv? +

You must be a member of a Section in order to join its listserv. Listservs are an opt-in benefit available to all section members. You may join a listserv by indicating so on your membership application or you may email NCAJ to join.

How do I change my listserv notification frequency? +

If you are a member of a listserv and wish to change your listserv settings (individual messages, vacation mode, or daily digests), visit Don’t forget to click “Save” after you make your changes. If you need additional assistance with this, you may contact NCAJ.

How do I search archived listserv messages? +

If you are a member of a listserv and wish to search archived messages from that list, visit and click Browse.

How do I access a section's eCommunity? +

To access your section e-community, login to myNCAJ and select the eCommunities tab (second row, third column).

I am a member of a section. How can I view a list of all of the current members of this section? +

Each eCommunity has a complete current list of all section members. Login to myNCAJ, select your section from My eCommunities tab (second row, third column). From the eCommunity home, click on Directory to access a list of all members.

What are the Section Document Banks? And where are they located? +

Document Banks are areas within each section and division eCommunities where members have uploaded files to share. These files include sample briefs, motions, depositions, etc. Login to myNCAJ, select your section from My eCommunities tab (second row, third column). From the eCommunity home, click on Document Bank to access the file share.

Member Profile/Website

How do I update my contact information? +

To update your contact information, visit, click on MyNCAJ in the upper left-hand corner and login. Then select “Edit Your Profile.” Remember to click “Save Information” after making the edits to your profile.

How do I change my password for logging in to NCAJ's website? +

Visit MyNCAJ and choose “Change Login“. Enter your current password and your new password, and don’t forget to save your changes.

How do I search for another NCAJ member's contact information online? +

Visit our digital member directory. You can sort by practice area, geographic location, name, and language proficiency.

How do I access my Section, Division, Caucus or Committee Community? +

For the security of the information you must be logged in to your member account to gain access to all eCommunities. Login to myNCAJ and select the My eCommunities tab (second row, third column) and choose your preferred eCommunity from the list available.


How do I request expert witness information? +

To access the Expert Database, visit and select “Expert Database” under “Trialsmith Documents”

How can I get a copy of the most recent Trial Briefs? +

To view Trial Briefs online or search for any article published since 2000, visit our Trial Briefs archives. For questions about Trial Briefs, contact Amber Nimocks or call 919-835-2804.

If you did not see your question above, please feel free to contact us at anytime with a question or concern.