Diversity & Inclusion


A Continuing Pursuit of Justice

NCAJ has long been active in the fight to make laws fair for all people and to rid our justice system of systemic bias. Our work with the North Carolina Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice System (NCCRED), NCAJ’s Task Force on Mass Incarceration and the creation of NCAJ’s Hispanic/Latino Division and the NCAJ Women’s Caucus are a few examples of our commitment to this cause.

In 2017, NCAJ president Bill Powers established the President’s Diversity Task Force. The group aimed to bring an intentional focus on issues of diversity, inclusion and equity to the inner workings of NCAJ. It continues its work today as the standing Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Among the group’s accomplishments:

While achieving these milestones, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee has consistently sought to spread throughout NCAJ an awareness of systemic bias and to provide ways for members and leaders to address and change the culture of the organization. Coordinating editors of our quarterly “Trial Briefs” magazine have focused on topics such as the #MeToo Movement and how LGBTQ Rights and Immigrant Rights affect various practice areas. A monthly series of free member webinars, begun in 2020 by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, explores a wide variety of topics including immigration issues, disability rights, educator sexual misconduct, addressing racial inequality in civil and criminal matters, cultural change in the justice system, recognizing mental illness and work-life balance.

NCAJ’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee realizes that the struggle for fairness and equity continues, and the group will continue its work in myriad ways by paying vigilant attention to matters of diversity, inclusion and equity in everything NCAJ does.