Trial Briefs

Johnson and Trehy Settle Fatal Shooting Case for $6M

November 15, 2023   |   Marianna Baggett

Attorneys for plaintiff: Valerie Johnson of Johnson Groninger PLLC and Jay Trehy of Trehy Safety Law

Case: Campbell, et al. v. Campus Evolution Villages LLC, et al.

Date of settlement: May 14, 2023

In October 2016, NC A&T students Ahmad Campbell and Alisia Dieudonne were fatally shot at an apartment complex in Greensboro, North Carolina. The apartment complex was owned by Campus Evolution Villages, LLC (CEV). Despite being aware of frequent occurrences of violent crime in the complex and surrounding area, CEV decided to cut security at the complex in August 2016. In the face of violent crime, CEV opted to protect its budget and bottom line rather than its residents and their visitors. Two months after CEV cut security measures at the complex, Campbell and Dieudonne were invited to a party at the complex. Two uninvited individuals attempted to enter the same party and were turned away. The uninvited individuals opened fire and shot in the direction of the apartment. The bullets penetrated the walls of the apartment and struck and killed Campbell and Dieudonne.

NCAJ’s Immediate Past President Valerie Johnson and Jay Trehy filed the lawsuit against CEV on behalf of the students’ estates. After litigating the case for seven years and preparing for trial, the parties settled on the Sunday before trial was set to begin. The settlement amount was $6 million, or $3 million for each estate.