Member Webinar

Member Wellness Webinar: Yoga Nidra with Johnna Smith

Tue, October 26, 2021   |   noon - 1 p.m.   |  

Join NCAJ at the next installment of our Member Wellness Webinars for a one-hour session on Yoga Nidra with certified yoga instructor, Johnna Smith. Yoga Nidra can be loosely described as the yoga of conscious sleep. It is a meditative practice that reduces stress, promotes profound healing, and awakens inner vitality. During the practice you will be guided through the layers of the physical body, mental body and energetic bodies in order to transition from the Beta brain wavelengths of “doing” and into the deeper Alpha and Theta brain wavelengths of “being”. This amazing practice reduces stress and tensions and it’s said that one Yoga Nidra practice is the equivalent of a 3 hour nap.