Johnna Smith

Certified Teacher of Yoga Philosophy and Practices

Johnna Smith is a teacher who speaks to the power of yoga to bring clarity and calm to the mind, strength and steadiness to the body, and at the intersection of the two, a space to honor life and live from a deep-seated purpose. She has studied Ashtanga Yoga and the Yoga Sutras since 1995 and is Authorized Level 2 in the Ashtanga Yoga Tradition from KPJAY Mysore, India. She is a certified teacher of Yoga Philosophy and Practices within the Sri Vidya Tradition of the Himalayan Masters from the teachers of the Himalayan Institute, and Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher from the ParaYoga Lineage. Johnna is a graduate of the Ayurveda College of California and has been Teaching Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda since 2001, it is her passion and purpose to create sacred spaces for self-remembrance, connection and wholeness.