Lucy Inman

NC Supreme Court, Seat 3

Judge Lucy Inman was raised in Raleigh and received her entire education from North Carolina public schools.

Judge Inman’s first career was as a newspaper reporter. While covering court proceedings, she was inspired to participate in the justice system and earned her law degree from UNC School of Law in 1990. Her first job after law school was working as a law clerk for North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Exum.

From 1992 to 2010, she practiced civil litigation in matters including commercial disputes, catastrophic injury, medical negligence, and sexual abuse.

From 2010-2014, Judge Inman served as a special Superior Court judge, presiding in hearings and jury trials across North Carolina. She was elected statewide to the Court of Appeals in 2014. She has authored more than 500 appellate opinions and participated in thousands of other decisions. Her record shows that she applies the law honestly, fairly and impartially, understanding that each decision affects people of all walks of life in communities as varied as North Carolina’s 100 counties.

Judge Inman brings hard work and respect for all others to her personal and professional life every day. She will bring these values to the North Carolina Supreme Court.