Jennifer Moeller Lechner is the Executive Director of the North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission, a position she has held since 2008.  Before moving to North Carolina, she founded and operated a Maine-based company focused on legal association management. .  Lechner began her career as the legislative counsel to the Maine State Bar Association where she lobbied the state and federal government on behalf of Maine’s largest professional trade association.

Lechner has served as a consultant to access to justice entities, legal aid organizations, bar associations, and political candidates. She is the Vice President of Membership for the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. She is an author of articles on access to justice and a frequent speaker at law schools and state and national conferences.  

Lechner has found her legal community home in NCAJ.  It is a member-driven, diverse organization where all volunteers have an opportunity to be involved.  Her work with NCAJ has allowed her to collaborate with other members and use her professional skills to advance both the mission of NCAJ and justice in North Carolina.