Jacob Morse


Jacob Morse began practicing law in 2017 at a large regional firm (Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP) where he focused on commercial litigation. In 2020, he transitioned to a new role as plaintiff’s lawyer at Miller Law Group, PLLC, concentrating on personal injury work, including wrongful death, catastrophic and workplace injury, and auto torts.

Jacob believes there is something special about taking up the task of fighting for the wronged or harmed. Oftentimes, corporations and wrongdoers get away with (or even profit from) bad conduct across industries and in communities where others pay the price for those actions.  Unless someone stands up and holds the wrongdoer accountable, the conduct will be rewarded and repeated at significant cost to others.

As a law student, Jacob took an elective course titled Complex Litigation taught by Milberg’s co-founder Dan Bryson. Jacob quickly became interested in the work of Dan and his colleagues as they pursued interesting and complex cases across the country. He became close friends of members of the firm’s Raleigh office and stayed in touch with their cases, the causes they champion, and things they do in the community. When they reached out to ask if Jacob was interested in joining the firm, the answer was yes.

Jacob continues to fight for justice, standing with those who are wronged or harmed by big corporations. However, when he’s not in the office, he continues to give back to legal community by coaching Campbell Law School’s Mock Trial teams. He prides himself in having coached one regional and two national championship-winning teams (including the AAJ 2019 national champtionship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia).

Outside all things law, Jacob loves taking in concerts and shows. An avid beach goer, he loves the sand and sea most in the winter. If he’s not catching a concert or enjoying the beach, you can find him cooking and dining (mooching off his friend’s Green Egg when he can).