Victoria Hanafin, NEXT Leadership Class of 2023

November 11, 2022

Torie Hanafin is one of the 21 members of the NCAJ NEXT Leadership Program class of 2023. The program, which graduated its first class in 2022, identifies the state’s emerging trial lawyer leaders.

Torie Hanafin

Lives in: Raleigh

Law degree from: George Washington University Law School

Legal Association Involvement: Wake County Bar Association, North Carolina State Bar and International Association of Privacy Professionals.


My primary interest in participating in the NCAJ NEXT Program is to become more engaged in this community of trial lawyers. I am not only a new attorney, but I am also a new North Carolinian, having grown up and attended law school in Washington, D.C. I am looking to grow both personal and professional roots here, and the NCAJ NEXT Program would offer an opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded peers in the profession.

At this point in my career, I think that dedicating time and resources to building leadership skills is invaluable. I know that the opportunity to gain more confidence and share ideas with others will make me a better attorney and a more engaged member of the community.

Why is the idea of civil and criminal justice important to you?

Civil and criminal justice are important to me because they help build stronger communities. A community that values justice values transparency and accountability. In my opinion, prioritizing these values can have a transformative effect on a group of people. Not only does it make them feel safer and more empowered, but it also makes people proud to be a part of that community. Ensuring a robust and fair civil and criminal justice system is a large-scale act of service that can inspire smaller acts of service, which build an ethic of caring within a community over time.

What’s your vision for NCAJ?

In the next 5 to 10 years, I see NCAJ continuing to be an invaluable resource for the plaintiffs’ bar by connecting members and providing resources and guidance on emerging issues and developing areas of law. NCAJ can also make an impact through its lobbying efforts. By leveraging the expertise and collaboration of its members, NCAJ can help shape and balance the law in emerging areas.

Away from work …

Outside of my practice I enjoy spending time with my family. I love exploring all the different parks in the Raleigh area and am looking forward to a trip out to the mountains in North Carolina. I also enjoy live music and cooking for friends and family.