Top 10 Most Dangerous Children’s Toys of the Holiday Season

December 11, 2014

With the spirit of giving in the air, the December rush to find the latest and greatest holiday toys for children’s gifts is in full swing, but do you know whether that product you’re eyeing has been deemed unsafe?

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) has published its 29th annual survey of the most dangerous toys for children in the current year. Dubbed “Trouble in Toyland,” the report covers what constitutes risky items and provides examples of toys that run the gamut from classics to new releases. US PIRG notes that items can present physical hazards, like choking, cutting, or pinching, or they can cause so much noise that the child’s hearing could be impaired.

These reasons, and many others, helped the group to compile a list of example toys that present hazards to children this year.

Keeping children safe during the holidays can be a tricky task. We’ve reviewed this list and now offer 10 of some of the most dangerous toys of the holiday season, backed by the US PIRG’s research.

10. Badge Playset
Manufactured by Greenbriar International, this item contains lead above maximum recommended levels of 90 ppm.

9. Jake and the Neverland Pirates Tambourine
This toy is also made by Greenbriar International and contains a shocking 580 ppm of toxic chromium, where the legal limit reaches only 60 ppm.

8. Hello Kitty Bracelet and Hair Accessories
This toy contains phthalates, compounds which are toxic to humans are banned at levels above 1,000 ppm. The Hello Kitty kit contains 5,100 ppm of the phthalate DEHP; it is manufactured by H.E.R. Accessories/ Joann Stores.

7. Leopard-patterned Rubber Duck
This toy was not labeled with any kind of product number but was found at a Walmart store. The duck also exceeded safe limits of phthalates, reaching 1,400 ppm in a small item sure to find its way inside a toddler’s mouth during bath time.

6. Dora the Explorer Backpack
This backpack may not be considered a toy, and therefore may have been overlooked for standards relating to phthalate levels. Regardless, the plastic portion of the backpack contains dangerously high levels of phthalate, 200,00 ppm. The Dora backpack is made by FAB Starpoint.

5. Edushape 80-Piece Textured Blocks
Labeled for children 2+, this classic toy presents a serious choking hazard with small parts that can easily be swallowed. The blocks are manufactured by Edushape.

4. Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Figurine Playset
The figurines from this well-known children’s show can be snapped off of their bases, creating a choking hazard. The product is labeled with a non-standard choke hazard warning for children ages 3+.

3. Rhinestone Rosette Bow Headband
Another toy with a choking hazard, this headband features small beads that can pop off and block a child’s airway if swallowed. Manufactured by Mix & Co. this headband does not have a label to suggest an appropriate user age.

2. Shopping Cart Play set
Made by Just Kidz, the play set features a shopping cart with various lose items that appear to be canned goods, fruit, and other grocery goods. Approved for use in children ages 3+, some of the accompanying items are small enough to fit into a mouth and choke the child.

1. Sonic Sound Sizzlers Noise Magnets
Placed on this list for its potential to be ingested, the noise magnets are small and conically shaped, making them an easy fit down the throat if they are accidentally swallowed. This toy is made by Ja-Ru, Inc. and approved for ages 8+.

Getting Legal Help for a Toy that has Injured Your Child
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Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season this year and every year!

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