The Fine Print: What You Need to Know About Forced Arbitration on Consumers

October 29, 2013

Important Message from Linda Lipsen, CEO of the American Association for Justice, published on Oct 24:

This week the American Association for Justice released a new report on forced arbitration called License to Steal: How the U.S. Chamber Forced Arbitration on America.  The U.S. Chamber’s legal “reform” front group — the Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) — has been at the heart of a massive campaign to eliminate corporate accountability,  even in cases involving huge violations of state and federal law. For decades, this strategy has primarily revolved around high profile PR campaigns to portray the civil justice  system as swamped by frivolous lawsuits. But where a billion-dollar tort “reform” campaign has not succeeded in closing the courthouse door, forced arbitration has been used  with increasing frequency to shield corporations from accountability and replace the courthouse altogether.

Outraged?  Read AAJ’s full report on how forced arbitration clauses are routinely buried in the fine print of contracts and abolish many of the safeguards the civil justice system provides.

We urge all consumers to protect their rights by asking Congress to support the Arbitration Fairness Act (S.878 / H.R.1844).   Get your voice heard today!

The NC Advocates for Justice is a member of the American Association for Justice; both are committed to advocacy that will preserve the rights of consumers across America.