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Taylor Opens John Taylor Law Firm, PLLC

June 22, 2023

John Taylor has founded the John Taylor Law Firm, PLLC, where he will focus his practice on a range of civil litigation. Taylor is a graduate of the University of Georgia and earned his law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law. He is a member of NCAJ’s Auto Torts & Premises Liability Section and Professional Negligence Section.

Taylor spent his summers during law school as an intern at the Orange County Public Defender’s Office. He also practiced in the UNC Civil Legal Assistance Clinic, where he advocated for underprivileged clients in landlord/tenant actions and unemployment matters. These practical experiences reinforced his calling to represent individual people as they navigate a confusing legal system — a labyrinth that too often favors governments and corporations at the expense of people’s rights.

Before entering private practice in 2012, Taylor worked as a law clerk to former Commissioner Chris Scott at the North Carolina Industrial Commission and drafted opinions for the Full Commission in workers’ compensation cases and claims against the State of North Carolina under the Tort Claims Act.

Taylor practiced with Zaytoun & Ballew before starting his new firm.