Settlement Planning Services NCAJ’s First Diamond Preferred Partner

September 07, 2023

Settlement Planning Services LLC, founded and led by NCAJ member Tacker LeCarpentier, is NCAJ’s first Diamond Preferred Partner, giving $50,000 annually to support NCAJ’s mission of empowering a strong community of trial lawyers.  

LeCarpentier started Settlement Planning Services to provide comprehensive settlement planning services to injury victims, their families and attorneys throughout North Carolina. Immediate Past President of the Board of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association, LeCarpentier has over 30 years of litigation and settlement planning experience. He has been a strong NCAJ supporter, member and sponsor for over 17 years.  

“For me, being able to give back to the NCAJ and the critical work that its members do for so many is an honor and a privilege,” he said. “Always has been.”

Diamond Preferred Partner is the top tier of NCAJ’s new Preferred Partner tier structure, which recognizes annual giving on more levels. Settlement Planning Services is the first partner to give at the new Diamond Level. Other levels in the Preferred Partner Program annual giving structure are:  

  • Sapphire, $40,000 
  • Ruby, $30,000
  • Platinum, $20,000 
  • Gold, $15,000 
  • Silver, $10,000
  • Bronze, $7,500  

Want to learn more about NCAJ’s Preferred Partner Program? Contact Senior Director of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives Hallie Kennedy at 919-835-2808 or or make an appointment to chat.