Overexertion a leading cause of workplace injury

March 31, 2016
According to a recent summary of data related to workplace safety, the leading issue causing injury or illness on the job for 2013 was overexertion. North Carolina workers who are employed in physically demanding jobs might be the most at risk for such injuries, but a worker in any job could deal with physical problems because of an action such as lifting too much or reaching too far. Records from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the number of musculoskeletal disorders improved slightly from 2013 to 2014, which provides employers and employees with an important focus for safety strategies and improvements in future years.

The cost of disabling workplace injuries as a whole for 2013 was $61.88 billion, and approximately one-fourth of these costs were used to deal with overexertion injuries. The top five types of injuries represented about 65 percent of the total spent on work-related health issues. These included falls on a single level, falls from one level to another, and individuals being struck by materials on the job. Other leading issues included vehicle incidents on the road, slips and trips, and equipment accidents.

Laborers and movers were among those most prone to musculoskeletal disorders in 2014, which may be related to the need to handle heavy materials in these professions. Additionally, nursing assistants led in MSDs, which may be a result of the physical challenges of moving patients and handling heavy furnishings and devices. An individual dealing with muscle strain or other physical problems because of work-related activity should report such issues and seek proper treatment to alleviate higher costs that could occur by ignoring the problem.

An individual who has a legitimate strain or other work injury and who faces problems from an employer related to reporting the issue might find that legal representation is needed to advance a claim. A lawyer might also help in dealing with a work injury situation if an employer is found to lack proper workers’ compensation insurance.


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