NCAJ’s Action Plan For the 2023-24 Legislative Session

January 11, 2023

As the N.C. General Assembly begins the work of the 2023-24 session, we would like to share NCAJ’s legislative priorities with our members. Your input shapes our agenda, and we are grateful that you trust us to fight for the issues that are important to you and your clients.  

We would also like to invite all members to a reception, hosted by NCAJ, for members and legislators on Wednesday, Feb. 8 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the American Insitute of Architects North Carolina Center for Architecture & Design at 14 E. Peace St. in Raleigh. All NCAJ members are invited. Please check your inbox for the electronic invitation, which went out on Wednesday, Jan. 18. 

Advocacy Action Plan

In October, the NCAJ Advocacy Committee, in conjunction with the Legislative Committee, solicited member input for the 2023 -24 legislative session. We asked all members of NCAJ as well as Section, Division and Caucus leaders to complete an extensive online survey of their legislative ideas and proposals.  Our talented members stepped up to the challenge, and we received a tremendous response of more than 50 detailed proposals.  

The Advocacy Committee and our team of lobbyists met in early November to evaluate and prioritize the proposals. The Advocacy Committee, as empowered by the Board of Governors, adopted a plan in late November which our Advocacy and Government Affairs team will implement with the help of NCAJ members and leadership. 

During this session, NCAJ will continue its important work defending against persistent efforts to limit the rights of the injured and accused. We hope to continue recent progress made in criminal justice reform. We also anticipate that powerful interests will seek to further limit the rights of employees and people injured by professional and other negligence. NCAJ will vigorously defend against these efforts. 

The Advocacy Action Plan addresses multiple legislative priorities. These include: 

  • Ongoing efforts to implement comparative fault, 
  • Securing fair funding for IDS, 
  • Monitoring and defending against any changes to Workers’ Compensation laws, 
  • Ensuring the fair treatment of injured persons under liability and UM/UIM insurance policies, 
  • Updating and improving insurance policy coverage in the state, 
  • Working toward ensuring that medical records are delivered in a timely and fair cost manner, 
  • Making suggestions to the Rules of Civil Procedure and criminal statutes to streamline efficiencies, eliminate unfair traps created by case law and provide a fair playing field for all participants. 

NCAJ is always committed to protecting fair funding for the judicial system and ensuring the right to trial by jury for all citizens. We have an ambitious agenda and hope to make headway on affirmative legislation to help all North Carolinians. 

Your Legislative Advocacy Team 

NCAJ enters the 2023 long session with a mix of new and familiar faces. Kevin Bunn is Legislative Vice President. Executive Director Shannon Leskin oversees advocacy strategy. Until the Director of Government Affairs position is filled, NCAJ has contracted with Michelle Hughes and NCAJ Past President Chris Nichols to fulfill the role of NCAJ Government Affairs director. Chris and Michelle manage the in-house legislative matters. 

Our contract lobbyists are at the General Assembly on a regular basis.  The returning team consists of Philip Isley, an NCAJ member; EQV Strategic lobbyists Kevin Wilkinson and Meisha Evans; and Stilwell Group leader Zane Stilwell. 

If you have information, questions or suggestions about NCAJ’s legislative agenda, please reach out to the Legislative Chair of your Section, Division or Caucus or contact Kevin Bunn directly. We look forward to accomplishing great things this session as we strive to protect people, prevent injustice and promote fairness.