NCAJ Members Win Big Rock Lady Angler Tournament

July 14, 2022

Ladies Crew Fished In Honor Of a Friend Who Died Of Cancer

The Can Do Too crew that won the 25th annual Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament in June included two NCAJ members who practice law at the Ricci Law Firm, P.A. in Greenville. Hunter Gentel and Meredith Hinton each took a turn in the chair fighting the big fish.

Gentel and Hinton and the other six members of their team fished in honor of a friend, Rhonda Howell, who recently died of breast cancer.

The team won the tournament with 800 release points for the release of two blue marlins, netting $108,800. The boat was captained by Skip Lecain.

Gentel is a member of the NCAJ Workers’ Compensation Section and Hinton is a member of the Auto Torts & Premises Liability Section.

See the story from the Big Rock “Daily Lines” publication below.