NCAJ Members’ Food Bank Drive A Success: Almost 12,000 pounds of food donated!

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December 17, 2013

Over one million North Carolinians live in poverty and 1 in 4 children in this state are food insecure*.

Food banks play a vital role in serving the community and NCAJ members have been honored to help by supporting the NCAJ New Lawyers Division’s Food Bank Drive.

NCAJ members donated 11,651 pounds of food and $8,279 to support 11 food banks across the state this holiday season!!

The receiving food banks included the Food Bank of Eastern & Central North Carolina; Manna Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina in Asheville; Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina and Northwest North Carolina; Community Soup Kitchen in Goldsboro; Hope Mission in Morehead City; Martha’s Mission in Morehead City; Hope Station in Wilson; Operation Inasmuch in Fayetteville; Christian United Outreach Center in Sanford; and Food Pantry at Millbrook United Methodist Church in Raleigh.

Several of the participating law firms have extended their drive through the end of December, which will increase our tally even more!!! See below for a list of law firms that made this drive a great success:

Food Drive Coordinator: Jessica Leaven, Grimes Teich Anderson, 535 College Street
Host Law Firm: Fisher Stark Cash Attorneys, 35 North Market Street
Host Law Firm: John Hensley Law, 366 Merrimon Avenue
Host Law Firm: Devereaux and Banzhoff, 22 S. Pack Square Suite 1100
Host Law Firm: Rhonda Moorefield, 1 Oak Plaza Suite 301
Host Law Firm: Grimes Teich Anderson LLP, 535 College Street
Host Law Firm: James Minick,107 Merrimon Avenue Suite 110
Other: Buncombe County Courthouse

Food Drive Coordinator: Touissant Romain, 700 East 4th Street, Suite 400
Host Law Firm: Mike Daisley, 2412 Arty Avenue
Host Law Firm: Bill Powers, 2412 Arty Avenue
Host Law Firm: George Piemonte, 2828 Queen City Drive Suite E
Host Law Firm: Rawls Scheer Foster Mingo & Culp 1011 E. Moorehead St. Suite 300
Host Law Firm: Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo 1211 E. Moorehead St.
Host Law Firm: The Sumwalt Law Firm 1114 E. Boulevard
Host Law Firm: The Odom Firm 1109 Greenwood Cliff
Host Law Firm: Tin Fulton Walker & Owen 301 East Park Avenue
Host Law Firm: Marcari Russotto Spencer Balaban 15800 John J. Delaney Drive Suite 350

Host Law Firm: Baker, Billick, P.A., 135 Union Street South

Host Law Firm: Graham-Davis Law Firm 4015 University Drive Suite 203
Host Law Firm: Frasier & Griffin The Chancellor Building 100 East Parrish Street Suite 350
Host Law Firm: Judith Romanowski. Lynn Fontana, Faith Herndon 115 E. Main St.
Host Law Firm: Host Law Firm: Marcari Russotto Spencer Balaban 5003 Southpark Drive Suite 200

Host Law Firm: Law Offices of Wade Byrd 232 Person St.
Host Law Firm: Marcari Russotto Spencer Balaban 225 Ray Avenue Suite 165

Host Law Firm: James Minick, Attorney at Law 355 S. new Hope Road Suite D

Host Law Firm: Barber Law, 102-B South William Street
Host Law Firm: Everett Womble Lawrence 507-B N. Spence Avenue

Host Law Firm: Oxner, Thomas & Permar, PLLC 1155 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio 4
Host Law Firm: Clifford Clendenin & O’Hale 415 Friendly Avenue

Food Drive Coordinator: Shannon Penland Pitt County Public Defenders Office
Host Law Firm: Ricci Law Firm 2839 Charles Blvd
Host Law Firm: The Leon Law Firm 704 Cromwell Drive Ste. E
Host Law Firm: Lawyers East 110 East Arlington Blvd
Host Law Firm: Dawson & Albritton 1516 Freenville Blvd SE
Host Law Firm: The Law Offices of Ghita Harris 321 Evans Street Suite 105

Host Law Firm: Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, PC, 120 3rd Street Northeast

Host Law Firm: Steffan & Associates, 2411 Old NC 86, Hillsborough

Host Law Firm: Law Offices of J. Calvin Cunningham 18 S. Main Street

Host Law Firm: Taylor & Taylor 610 Arendell Street

Food Drive Coordinator: Laura Jenkins Law Offices 178 Mine Lake Court Suite 100
Food Drive Coordinator: Leone Noble & Seate 7100 Six Forks Road Suite 201
Host Law Firm: Henson Fuerst, P.A., 2501 Blue Ridge Road
Host Law Firm: Abrams & Abrams, 1526 Glenwood
Host Law Firm: Whitley Law Firm 2424 Glenwood Avenue Suite 201
Host Law Firm: Leone Noble & Seate 7100 Six Forks Road Suite 201
Host Law Firm: Everett Gaskins Hancock 220 Fayetteville Street Suite 300
Host Law Firm: Joe Knott, Sanford Thompson, Berger & Miller 4800 Six Forks Road Suite 100
Host Law Firm: Martin & Jones 410 Glenwood Avenue Suite 200
Other Donation Location: NCAJ HQ, 1312 Annapolis Drive

Host Law Firm: Whitaker Law Office 1600 S. Elm Street

Host Law Firm: Daggett Shuler Attorneys At Law, 2140 Country Club Road
Host Law Firm: Kevin Morton 1604 W. First Street (Corner of 1st and Cloverdale)
Other: Legal Aid of North Carolina Inc. 102 W. 3rd Street Suite 460

Host Law Firm: Narron & Holdford, 204 N. Tarboro Street Wilson

Food Drive Coordinator: Stewart Poisson, Poisson, Poisson & Bower
Food Drive Coordinator: Esther Sanchez Martin and Jones
Host Law Firm: Poisson, Poisson & Bower PLLC, 107A North 2nd Street
Host Law Firm: Law Offices of James Gillespie 415 Chestnut Street
Host Law Firm: Law Offices of Michael Davenport 2505 College Road
Host Law Firm: Shipman and Wright 575 Military Cut Off Road Suite 106
Host Law Firm: Rountree Losee 2419 Market Street
Other: Financial Protection Law Center, 272 North Front Street, Suite 342
Other: New Hannover Public Defender Office, 414 Chestnut Street

*Food Hardship in America 2012 report from the Food Research and Action Center.