NCAJ Leaders’ Forum Firm HensonFuerst, P.A. Launches GoFundMe Page for Disabled Veteran Client Losing His Home

January 16, 2018

Willard Swinson, born and raised in Clinton, NC, a college graduate with a degree in history and political science, and an Air Force Veteran, suffered a devastating and life-altering fall in 2006, which left him a quadriplegic. After several years in rehabilitation hospitals, he returned to his Clinton, NC home, now wheelchair bound.

The roof of the home began to leak.  Willard had plumbing and roofing repairs done, but the roof still required additional repair, so it was partially covered with a tarp.   Willard survives on veterans’ benefits and social security disability benefits. While he was trying to figure out how he could pay for the roof repairs on his limited income, the City of Clinton instructed him to vacate his home for code violations.

Not knowing he could fight this, he moved out of his own home and moved into the first place he could find:  subsidized housing for the elderly for which he must pay rent, straining his very limited disability income.

Shortly thereafter, Hurricane Matthew struck, leaving Willard’s home beyond repair.

Willard has tried repeatedly to get his home repaired.  He attended all City Council meetings to defend his home. In 2017, the City sought to demolish the home, at Willard’s expense.

HensonFuerst, P.A. learned of Willard’s dilemma, wanted to help him save his home (the only asset he owns debt free), and began representing him on a pro-bono basis.

Unable to stop Willard’s home from being condemned, the firm is currently working with him, the City of Clinton, and the community around him to raise funds to build another home on the site — one that is wheelchair accessible.    Todd Belisle at The Centers, an NCAJ sponsor and financial supporter, has also joined the effort, providing work for him pro-bono.

The NC Advocates for Justice is proud of the work of HensonFuerst, P.A. and The Centers and their dedication to the mission to protect people’s rights.

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