PACT Act/Camp Lejeune Litigation

Meet Two Leaders in the Fight for Camp Lejuene Victims

March 16, 2023

Advanced Topics on The Camp Lejeune Justice Act
9 a.m.-4 p.m., Friday, March 24
Virtual and in person at NCAJ Headquarters
5.25 CLE Hours

Jerry Ensminger and Mike Partain have been battling the federal government for decades to secure fair compensation for the victims of Camp Lejeune’s toxic water. During lunch hour at our March 24 CLE, both men will share their stories and offer their perspectives on what’s ahead for veterans and their families.

Jerry Ensminger’s daughter Janey died of leukemia in 1983, nine years after she was born at Camp Lejeune. In 1997, Ensminger heard on the nightly news that contaminated water at the Marine base had been linked to childhood leukemia. In August 2022, Ensminger stood behind President Biden at the White House when he signed the PACT Act/Camp Lejeune Justice Act.

Born in a hospital at Camp Lejeune in 1968, Mike Partain joined Ensminger’s fight in 2007 after he was diagnosed with breast cancer. A former history teacher, Partain’s research helped reveal the true story of what happened at Camp Lejeune.

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