Lex-Jordan Ibegbu, NCAJ NEXT Leadership Program Class of 2024

November 30, 2023

Lex-Jordan Ibegbu is one of the 13 members of the NCAJ NEXT Leadership Program class of 2024. The program identifies the state’s emerging trial lawyer leaders.

Lives in: Clayton

Law Degree From: University of Miami

Works as: Founding Partner at Ibegbu Law, PLLC

Legal Association Involvement: I am currently a member of the NCAJ having recently attended the 2023 convention in Charlotte. I am also a member of the 10th District/Wake County Bar Association.    


I want to be further connected in a great organization that is doing amazing work in the State of North Carolina. I also want to grow an organization that has done so much for me as an attorney and the North Carolina populace in general.

Why is the idea of civil justice important to you?

North Carolina is in a precarious time politically in which the populace is at risk of becoming prey to corporate interest. Subsequently, I am seeking to advocate for the interest of the everyday person, and/or the small business in a rapidly changing environment which is a consequence of laissez fair policies and rapid innovation.

What’s your vision for the future of NCAJ?

I see the NCAJ as one of the gatekeepers for policy and legislation in the state of North Carolina. I also see the NCAJ as having a sizable hand in litigation that affects all of the injured in this state. I hope to usher in a new era of expansion and activism for the NCAJ. It would be an honor to participate in this program. I feel I can bring a needed spark and perspective to this program as well as the NCAJ. I hope to learn from my class, mentors and sponsors as well as enact some of the great ideas I have.

Away from work …

I am an avid runner, I compete in open and professional track meets during the spring and summer months. I am avid musician and music listener. Having released my last album in January of 2023. I am also a political consultant having worked on several congressional and senate campaigns in the past five years.