Land Condemnation in North Carolina

April 07, 2016

Imagine sitting at home, enjoying a beautiful North Carolina morning when a couple large work trucks pull into your driveway. Several men with surveying equipment start taking pictures, measurements, and soil samples without even consulting you. This may seem like a violation of your rights, but unfortunately, it’s not. And the worst part is, it’s just the beginning.

In this scenario, your land is probably being considered for condemnation. Land condemnation is the process by which privately owned real estate is taken from its owner for a public purpose, benefit, or use. The key word here is benefit. The law of eminent domain states that legally, your land can only be taken from you if it somehow benefits the public. Unfortunately, “public benefit” is a very broad term, and there are few laws in place to protect North Carolinians from frivolous land grabs by the government or large corporations.

If you think your land is being considered for land condemnation, first and foremost, don’t sign a right of entry agreement with NCDOT. This agreement allows them to essentially come onto your land and build without any paperwork being filed or compensation paid to you. Secondly, call a lawyer immediately. An experienced North Carolina land condemnation lawyer can help you navigate the land condemnation process to ensure your rights are observed and best interests looked out for. Don’t give up your land without a fight. Give us a call today.

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