Jennifer Maynard, NEXT Leadership Class of 2023

November 11, 2022

Jenny Maynard is one of the 21 members of the NCAJ NEXT Leadership Program class of 2023. The program, which graduated its first class in 2022, identifies the state’s emerging trial lawyer leaders.

Jennifer Maynard

Lives in: Charlotte

Law degree from: Wake Forest University School of Law

Works as: Associate attorney at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC

Legal association involvement: North Carolina Bar Association


The NCAJ NEXT Program offers insight into the purpose and potential of NCAJ as well as opportunity to form connections with other attorneys. NCAJ is fortunate to have many well-established and involved lawyers in its membership. As a new attorney and new member of NCAJ, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and/or isolated. Through participation in the NEXT program, I hope to meet those in similar stages of their practice and connect with attorneys outside of my region and practice area. Additionally, I hope to learn how to get more involved in NCAJ. Beyond my personal goals participating in NEXT, I think NEXT is a great way to learn more about the organization and “sell” it to new attorneys and others that are not yet members of NCAJ.

Why is the idea of civil justice important to you?

Civil justice is important to me because it means helping people who can’t help themselves. Practicing personal injury law requires attention to detail, and every case presents its own set of challenges. Unfortunately, big companies often take advantage of injured people who may not know how to handle the complexities of their claim. I became a personal injury attorney to help level the playing field between the “big guy” and those who are injured at the fault of someone else.

What’s your vision for the future of NCAJ?

If the energy from this year’s Convention is any indication of where NCAJ is headed in the next five to 10 years, NCAJ seems to be on the right path. To keep this energy, NCAJ should focus on membership of new(er) attorneys. Through programs like NEXT and other outreach efforts, NCAJ should be able to attract and maintain membership by focusing on forging relationships within NCAJ, which should motivate members to actively participate in NCAJ and furthering its objectives.

Away from work …

I enjoy cooking for friends and family, trying new cuisine, exercising, spending time outdoors, and refinishing/repurposing furniture.