It’s Time To Sign Up For NCAJ Committee Service For 2021-2022

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May 20, 2021   |   John McCabe

Greetings NCAJ Members,

NCAJ is currently seeking volunteers to serve on its committees.

Volunteers are at the heart of NCAJ’s work. Together, we accomplish incredible things and guarantee the continued protection of North Carolinians’ rights. Each volunteer committee is chaired by a member of the Executive Committee, and the ideas, comments, and concerns expressed at meetings are brought to the attention of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee.

Find the committee preference form here.

A list of NCAJ committees and descriptions is below. We hope that you will consider participating in one of our committees for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
    The Diversity & Inclusion Committee guides the intentional pursuit of diversity and inclusion within the organization itself, and thereby to promote full and equal participation in NCAJ by all eligible members and the reduction of bias in NCAJ. To promote its good work, NCAJ will look to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee to conduct an annual event for the membership.
  • Education Committee 
    The Education Committee studies, formulates and recommends continuing legal education programs.
  • Legal Affairs Committee 
    The Legal Affairs Committee is responsible for the development and advocacy of NCAJ positions on legal and ethical issues. It includes an Ethics Subcommittee to monitor the NC State Bar Ethics Committee and advocate as appropriate and an Amicus Curiae Committee to monitor appellate litigation, receive requests for amicus participation, and participate as amici as appropriate.
  • Legislative Committee 
    The Legislative Committee informs and supports the legislative program of NCAJ by considering proposed and pending legislation and by developing NCAJ’s legislative program.
  • Membership Committee 
    The Membership Committee oversees the community priority of NCAJ, which is membership recruitment and retention, print and electronic publications, social activities, listservs, Convention and other gatherings of members, and public service/pro bono projects.

A committee preference form can be found by clicking here. Please indicate the committees on which you would like to serve by selecting your first, second, and third choice. We would appreciate hearing from you by June 4, 2021.

Best regards,

John McCabe
NCAJ President-Elect