Flashing Lights to Avoid Blue Lights

June 25, 2015   |   John O’Neal

Ever been driving down the road, street, or highway and see an oncoming vehicle flash headlights at you? No this is not a Herbie the Love Bug story. Instead, the flashing headlights are typically a “heads up” of law enforcement ahead. Undoubtedly this friendly advice has saved many a motorist from a traffic ticket and made things on the roadways a bit safer. Well, it seems some law enforcement agencies didn’t like this tactic and decided to charge motorists who flashed headlights at oncoming motorists. It now appears that several courts have decided that a motorist’s flashing of headlights, in most circumstances, is protected as free speech under the First Amendment.

If you find yourself snagged with a speeding ticket or other traffic citation DO NOT try to handle it yourself unless you understand the circumstances and potential consequences. Consult a traffic attorney to discuss your situation. Happy and safe motoring!

John T. O’Neal is a practicing attorney with the O’Neal Law Office in Greensboro, NC who focuses his practice in Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Consumer Law (includes Auto Dealer Fraud/Vehicle Issues and Debt Defense Lemon Law), and various types of Civil Litigation handling cases across North Carolina. A long-time NCAJ member, he is a former Chair of the NCAJ Consumer Areas of Practice Section and a two-time Ebby Award winner.