Emily Beeson, NEXT Leadership Class of 2023

October 20, 2022

Emily Beeson is one of 21 members of the class of 2023 NCAJ NEXT Leadership Program. The program, which graduated its first class in 2022, identifies the state’s emerging trial lawyer leaders.

Emily Beeson

Lives in: Greensboro

Law degree from: Elon University School of Law

Works as: Associate Mass Tort Attorney with Ward Black Law

Legal Association Involvement: Immediate Past Chair of NCAJ Products Liability, Mass Torts & Class Actions Section


Having worked primarily in mass torts litigated in other districts, I have had limited interactions with local peers and potential mentors. As I continue to work towards taking on more leadership positions in my career, I value the opportunity to learn directly from the NC attorneys that I have admired for so long. I’ve been fortunate to have served as chair of the Products Liability Section and would like to increase my involvement in NCAJ to further the causes that are important to me both personally and professionally.

Why is the idea of civil justice important to you?

As I’ve learned more about the political and legal systems, I understand now more than ever how important it is to ensure that multiple viewpoints are considered in the creation, implementation, and interpretation of laws. Using my law degree to provide a voice for injured people, even when faced with very difficult obstacles, is important to me because I have witnessed catastrophic losses lead to devastated lives. When there is no justice, the same tragedies repeat themselves. With action through the legal system, however, we lawyers are able to create real change in behaviors to prevent further atrocities.

What’s your vision for the future of NCAJ?

I believe that NCAJ can grow to be an even more collaborative organization, with the various sections sharing helpful information among each other, bridging gaps between lawyers in different zip codes and in different practice areas to encourage the continued success of our entire bar.

Away from work …

My husband and I have two young children, and we stay active camping, hiking, biking, and being outdoors as much as possible. I started playing tennis a few years ago and I’m sticking with it despite my modest skill development. I enjoy cooking with fresh produce and until moving last year maintained a bountiful vegetable garden, which I miss dearly, but try to make up for by buying from local farms.