Eli & Liz: Why you should apply for the Allen A Bailey Fellowship to attend Convention 2019

January 29, 2019

Eli Timberg and Liz Vennum, 2 NCAJ members who were awarded the Allen A. Bailey Endowment Professional Development Fellowship to attend Mountain Magic 2018 this past fall, recommend the fellowship —  as having positively impacted their experience with NCAJ and in their careers.

Don’t miss out:  NCAJ lawyer members licensed between 1 and 10 years are eligible to apply for the Allen A. Bailey Endowment Professional Development fellowship to attend NCAJ’s 2019 Convention.   Fellowship covers one Convention registration & hotel accommodations.  Apply by May 10 at

The Mountain Magic conference allowed me to meet some amazing attorneys  like David Teddy and Allison Garren, who don’t practice in Charlotte, and it also allowed me to solidify relationships with Charlotte attorneys who I’d only been able to meet in passing. Some of the conference sessions opened my eyes to new areas of law (class action lawsuits and personal injury) or forced me to carve out space for introspection on my practice and life that I hadn’t realized I needed. Lastly, through attending the PAC meeting speaking with the one of the political affairs liaisons, I saw the influence and importance of NCAJ’s work in Raleigh. This was the perfect conference for someone (like me) who is three years into their legal career. I look forward to attending many more, shares Eli Timberg.

eliEli Timberg is  an Assistant Public Defender at the office of the Public Defender of Mecklenburg County.  Timberg received his law degree from UNC Chapel Hill in 2014.   Prior to law school, he worked as a field organizer for a congressional campaign, as a paralegal at a legal clinic in Washington, DC called Bread For The City, and spent about a year working for a start-up software company that used behavioral economic theory to “nudge” utility consumers toward using less energy.  He is currently a part of the felony drug team at the Mecklenburg County Public Defender while still representing clients in a wide variety of misdemeanor cases.

Liz Vennum-47_CompressedForWeb Liz Vennum practices at Vennum PLLC in Charlotte, NC, where she focuses exclusively on business and employment law. She has been honored by the National Association of Women Lawyers, and was named one of Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars for Business Litigation for 2019.   Vennum earned her bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and her JD from Wake Forest.  After practicing with a firm for a few years, she hung her own shingle in the fall of 2018 and hasn’t looked back.   Visit to learn more about this small business advocate.