30 NCAJ Members To Begin State Bar Committee Service For 2021

December 17, 2020

Congratulations to the NCAJ members who begin their 2021 North Carolina State Bar committee service next month.

Thank you to councilors serving in these leadership positions or on committees as identified:  

Darrin D. JordanPresident-Elect, Appointments (C), Executive (VC), Issues, (VC), Finance & Audit (C), all other Ex Officio  

Marcia H. Armstrong: Vice President, Appointments, (VC), Executive, Finance & Audit (VC), Issues (C), all others Ex Officio  

Clark R. Bell: AP, Grievance, Issues  

Harold Lee Boughman Jr.: AP, Grievance, LAMP  

George M. Cleland IV: Administrative, Communications, Distinguished Service Award, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics  

Anna Hamrick: Appointments, Communications, Distinguished Service Award, Executive, Grievance, Legislative  

Robert C. Hemp III: Administrative, Ethics, LAMP, Legislative  

Gena Graham Morris: Administrative, Communications, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics (VC)  

Michael R. Neece: AP, Grievance  

Eben T. Rawls III: Ethics, Executive, Issues, PMBR/Cyber Security (C), LAP  

Warren T. Savage IV: AP, Distinguished Service Award (C), Ethics, Executive, PMBR/Cyber Security 

C. Everett Thompson II: Administrative (C), Communications, Executive, Grievance

In addition to councilors, NCAJ has many members who serve as advisory members for the State Bar.  Thank you to those NCAJ members for your service: 

  • Bradley Bannon: Ethics  
  • Sydney Batch: Ethics  
  • John C. Lloyd: Ethics  
  • Robert E. Nunley: LAMP  
  • Melissa Owen: Ethics; Rule 1.1  
  • James Payne: LAMP  
  • Stewart Poisson: Authorized Practice; Rule 1.1  
  • Alan Schneider: Anti-Discrimination  
  • Camille Steel: Publications Editorial Board; Regulatory Change Subcommittee  
  • Charlotte Stewart: LAMP  

In addition to councilors and advisory members, NCAJ has many members who serve on boards and commissions at the State Bar.  Thank you to those NCAJ members for your service: 

Disciplinary Hearing Commission 

  • James Davis  
  • Fred W. DeVore III  

Board of Continuing Legal Education   

  • Andrienne S. Blocker  
  • Paul A. Capua
  • Robert C. Kemp III  

Board of Law Examiners   

  • Michael Greene  

Lawyer Assistance Program Board 

  • M. Reid Acree Jr
  • Eben T. Rawls III