2020 NCAJ Legislative Report

September 02, 2020

Click here to read the 2020 NCAJ Legislative Report.

Consistent with NCAJ’s vision of protecting people, preventing injustice and promoting fairness, the Advocacy Team actively monitors the actions of the General Assembly in an effort to identify bills being introduced which may affect our members and, more importantly, our members’ clients. This “boots on the ground” level of monitoring at the General Assembly allows us to identify legislation early in the process with the goal of mustering support for those issues that align with our vision or rallying opposition to those issues that do not.

The short session of 2020, while “short,” was not short on activity due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic. This report summarizes the bills that may impact the practices of our members. This includes a summary of the numerous immunity bills, all of the governor’s vetoes in 2020, and highlights of other legislative changes in 2020. This summary is not a comprehensive list of all 2020 session laws.