Membership Eligibility


Agreement to the following certification is required for membership in NCAJ. If you cannot agree with NCAJ’s certification then you are not eligible for membership. Your agreement will be required upon joining.

I hereby apply for membership in the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. I believe in the organization’s mission of Protecting People’s Rights through professional and community legal education; championing individual rights; and protecting the safety of North Carolina’s families – in the workplace, in the home, and in the environment. I represent the rights of those injured by the wrongful acts of others, the rights of workers or disabled people, the rights of parties in family disputes, the rights of consumers in debt, the rights of those accused of criminal offenses, and/or the civil rights of individuals or otherwise meet the membership qualifications of the North Advocates for Justice (NCAJ). I am dedicated to the preservation of trial by jury and the advancement of the mission of the organization. I understand that no person shall be eligible for or continue membership in the association, who, for the most part, represents insurance defense in civil matters or the prosecution in criminal matters.