Member Webinar

Diversity and Inclusion Webinar: Understanding Victims of Trauma in Your Cases

Tue, October 19, 2021   |   noon - 1 p.m.   |  

Join NCAJ for its Diversity and Inclusion free member webinar for October on Understanding Victims of Trauma in Your Cases. Leto Copeley, NCAJ member and the past President of the National Crime Victim Bar Association and a Governor’s appointee to the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission will speak on the effects of trauma on our clients, especially clients of color. Leto has vast experience representing children and adults who were sexually abused against the institutions that failed to protect them. She will walk us through how these traumas effected the cases and the clients and help us get a better understanding of the best practices for representing these clients.

The NCAJ Diversity and Inclusion Member Programming is brought to you by Settlement Planning Services and Tacker LeCarpentier, President and NCAJ Member.