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Primary Logo Suite | Full Color

The primary logo includes the acronym and the full association name spelled out underneath. In most instances, please aim to use this logo version.

Alternative Logo Suite

While the full color logo is the primary version for nearly all case uses, there are instance where an alternative color may be necessary.

For instance, in the event a document will only be in black and white, the black version of the logo should be used. If the logo is overlaying one of the brand colors, then the logo should appear in white. The logo should never appear in any other color than what’s been displayed in this brand document.

Preferred Partner Logos

Below, please find downloadable versions of all NCAJ Preferred Partner logos.


Here is a listing of the various type pairings for your brand. These type styles should be used on all marketing materials.

For documents, similar fonts should be chosen for headings and body copy so that they still feel cohesive with the brand. Our default is Arial, size 12 when Proxima Nova is not available.

Brand Colors

The NCAJ primary colors are blue, teal and red. These colors imbue the brand with a fresh, energetic vibe. In most instances, please aim to use these colors throughout brand materials.

The NCAJ secondary brand colors are dark blue, gray, light teal, and light gray. The main use of these colors is for backgrounds that need a more toned down look or higher contrast for text legibility. These colors pair well with any of the primary colors.