Butterfield v. Gray

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Opinion Filed October 05, 2021
Attorney for the Case Noah Abrams Rachel Fuerst
Amicus Brief Writers Matthew Ballew Karonnie Truzy
Court NC Court of Appeals
Docket No. 20-218

This case involved the egregious death of a jail inmate who was experiencing a known psychotic episode and, rather than provide him the medical care and protection required by law, the Sheriff and his deputies allowed him to slowly die of dehydration and starvation of a period of three weeks with no medical.

Even though the case is at the COA level, the amicus committee agreed to participate in light of the substantial importance of (1) the legal issues involved, in particular the absurdity defense’s argument that the presence of a $20,000 surety bond alone represents an “adequate remedy” that precludes a plaintiff’s constitutional claim under Corum/Craig; as well as (2) helping the court see this an opportunity to reexamine the utility of law enforcement immunity doctrines as a whole in light of the recent and tragic deaths/injuries occurring around the country, often to people of color, while in the custody of or interacting with law enforcement.