Joseph Sise, NEXT Leadership Class of 2023

November 14, 2022

Joe Sise is one of the 21 members of the NCAJ NEXT Leadership Program class of 2023. The program, which graduated its first class in 2022, identifies the state’s emerging trial lawyer leaders.

Joseph Sise

Lives in: Durham

Law degree from: Stetson University College of Law

Works as: Associate Attorney at O’Malley Tunstall PC

Legal Association Involvement: Member of NCAJ Auto Torts & Premises Liability Section, Disability Advocacy Section, Hispanic Latino Issues Division and the New Lawyers Division


I believe that community and connection to peers and mentors in the same practice is essential to effective advocacy. To that end, I am excited about the opportunity to build closer bonds to attorneys at the same stage of practice as I am, as well as the chance to meet more senior attorneys and learn from them.

Why is the idea of civil justice important to you?

Civil justice is a large part of why I became a lawyer. From law school on, I knew I wanted to use whatever skills I had to help people who found themselves at the mercy of an impersonal system. Through civil litigation, I hope to advocate on behalf of people who have been injured by the negligent actions of corporations or other bad actors, and if I can’t provide them with closure, I can at least provide them with some of the means to put their lives back together.

What is your vision for the future of NCAJ?

I see NCAJ continuing to build connections with legislators on both sides of the aisle in order to more effectively advocate for our policy goals. Our success on this field in the last year has been promising. I also see a tighter-knit network of attorneys, both cooperating on large litigation and providing leadership and mentorship to developing young lawyers.

Away from work …

I write fiction as a hobby and am currently mid-draft of a novel. I also enjoy reading, composing music, and indoor rock-climbing with groups of friends.